Welcome to the Good News Team!

What's been happening lately

Good News Team Lessons

We have been working to completely overhaul and modernize the correspondence lessons. In addition to the correspondence lessons, we have now developed video and online lessons for those with internet access, enabling easier access and contact to the lessons and our team.

Video for Evangelism

We have commenced video productions in order to make the Good News available to children. This is done via our Youtube and Facebook channels. Our video contents are filled with fun activities and games as well as contents about God.

Please Pray

  1. It is highly unlikely, due to COVID-19, that there would be many outreaches into schools this year - especially with the schools, nation-wide, switching to online learning this coming academic year. Please pray that the Good News will not stop.

  2. Protection over team members and their families from COVID-19.

  3. Work from home has presented a unique challenge for all of us, making it more difficult for work and coordination. Please pray for strength and wisdom.

  4. For wisdom, creativity, and new ideas as we face these constant changes in 2021.

  5. For the children who are studying with us, that their hearts would be opened to learning about God and that they would welcome Jesus into their lives.

Some snaps from our previous outreaches